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Armored doors

  • Various designs of armored doors

  • Shokoko provides the best armored doors

  • Turkish doors mean durability & strength

  • Various security systems

  • 4 Turkish Hok Locks

  • Modern designs & various colors

  • Sound-proof & dust-proof doors

  • All doors are fully armored, 11 cm thick

  • Spare parts, regular maintenance & after-sales service

  • More than 30 shapes & designs are available to choose from


Shokoko is a service worthy of trust


Shokoko Company provides a unique range of paint colors as an authorized agent for:

  • Sipes Paints Company

  • GLC Paints Company

  • NIOPPON Paints Company

Building materials

Shokoko has more than 40 years of experience in trading building materials

Iron, cement, sand, bricks, interlock & other materials necessary to implement your project with high quality

  • A team of experts to help you choose the quantities of building materials you need.

  • Whatever stage your project is in, we will provide you with a service worthy of trust

Door accessories

Details make a difference, choose the accessories that complement the look of your home

Shokoko is an authorized agent of Al-Ahram & MTF company

Wood & marble alternative

Marble alternative cheaper & durable

At Shokoko Decoration, there are more than 75 shapes of marble to choose from

Foam tiles & wallpaper

Change your home's decor with high-quality 3D foam tiles from Shokoko, all colors

Prices start from 100 pounds per roll

Available in all types (American, Italian, French, German, Korean, 3D)

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